Nieuws - 14 februari 2013

'I have always been a keen partygoer.'

Who? Tim Möhlmann
What? Founder of Facebook-style site, 'Wageningen UP'
Why? Launched Wageningen UP party website

Has Facebook become too small for you?
'We have grown a lot in the past year, for sure; we now have more than 2000 members. Unfortunately, Facebook often changes the way it works, so the page has become somewhat messy. On the new Wageningen UP website, everything is visible at a glance; you can see the next five parties at a glance on the home page.'
Are you such a party animal that you know about every party?
'I have always been a keen partygoer, and people often ask me if I know of a good night out. At one point, I started a group on Facebook to provide an overview. My house-mate Viola and I usually spend a couple of hours a week on it. We're spending more time now because of the site and the kickoff party on 28 February.'
Do you earn anything from it as well?
'When we were running the Facebook group we sometimes got a free beer at parties we had publicized. On the website, there are Google advertisements. We use these to pay for site-hosting and perhaps we'll print some flyers later on. You'll never make a fortune doing this but that's alright if you enjoy doing it.'