Nieuws - 3 november 2011

'I don't meet my demons anymore'

Who? PhD researcher Matthias Schröter (30)
What? He's running his 25th marathon on 6 November
Where? On the island of Terschelling
Why? He likes a physical challenge

Why do you keep on asking for all that pain?
'A marathon is a challenge for your body. If you do a lot of mental work, like I do, plenty of running is a good distraction. For a week after a marathon walking downstairs is particularly painful, but after a month I've recovered. Your body gets used to it.'
And your demons as you run?
'I don't come up against them anymore. Only on my first marathon, 12 years ago in Dresden - I am from Germany. Then I met them at the 36th kilometre. After that, running a second one just seemed exciting. And of course it is nice to improve your times.'
How fast can you do it?
'In 2006 in Hamburg I ran it in 2:57, in an unforgettable race. I had been working towards it with a German ex-cross-country champion. Now I have found another enthusiastic coach in Tartl├ętos trainer Tonnie Dirks. I won't improve on my person record this weekend, because Terschelling is apparently one of the toughest marathons in the Netherlands, what with the hills, the beach and a lot of wind.'
What makes you do it then?
'In a city marathon you can go faster, partly because of the spectators on the side lines. But I enjoy the running itself and prefer to see beautiful countryside along the way. In spring, for example, I run the Rennsteiglauf straight through the Th├╝ringerwald. Perhaps one day, when I am older, I will also do the 72.3 kilometres there. And I've still got the Jungfrau marathon in Switzerland in mind - through the mountains.'