Nieuws - 8 maart 2012

‘I am in no pain at all now'

Pim de Beer
Racing cyclist and student of International Land and Water Management
Back on the team after a bad fall near Wageningen last August during the central Netherlands circuit

You came 97th in the Beverbeek Classic and 77th last weekend in the Vlaamse Pijl. Are things going in the right direction?
‘Yes, things are definitely going in the right direction. I do notice I am not on top form yet. Especially on the Flemish hills. I am not at the level I was at before the fall yet.'
How was it to be back in action?
‘Great. A couple of times during the first race I realized: I am back in the running again, this is really wonderful. And lots of cyclists talk to you about it.'
Not a shock?
‘I am still careful, but not too scared. That is because I don't remember anything about the fall. From 15 minutes before it happened until 12 minutes after it. I have no images of it. That helps. And what is more, I am not in pain anymore at all.'
You were scraped off the asphalt more dead than alive. Is it worth that?
‘(Silence) That's a good question. If I had known for sure beforehand that this would happen to me, I might have stopped. But on the other hand: you get so much out of it. And the chances of it happening to me again are very small.'
Will you get back to your old level?
‘I am assuming so. Towards May/June I should be fit enough to compete among the pros again. And otherwise, I always have my degree course still. I do also have a future after the cycling. But the cycling gets priority for now.'