Nieuws - 23 december 2009

Huub Savelkoul nominated again for best teacher

Students have chosen their best teachers: André van Lammeren, Gert Peek, Huub Savelkoul, Arie Terlouw en Paul Torfs. Who is the best of them all will be known on Wednesday 13 January.

The shortlist for the Teacher of the Year Award has been disclosed this week. On it are:
- Dr. André van Lammeren, university professor, Laboratory of Plant Cell Biology
- Gert Peek, lecturer, Land Dynamics Group
- Prof. Huub Savelkoul, professor, Cell Biology an
Immunology Group
- Arie Terlouw, lecturer, Experimental Zoology Group
- Drs. Paul Torfs, university lecturer, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group
The shortlist has not raised many eyebrows. The only new nominee is Paul Torfs. Arie Terlouw won the Teacher award in 2007 and Gert Peek and André van Lammeren were both also nominated in 2004. Huub Savelkoul has been nominated three times since 2006. All five nominees will receive a bonus of 2500 euros from the Executive Board which can be used for education.
Students are the ones who decide who the best teacher will be. From a longlist of 184 teachers, the favourites had been picked out this year by 986 students, almost 25 percent of all students with voting rights. This is the highest voting percentage ever achieved. A student jury then interviewed the twelve teachers with the most votes and come up with the shortlist. The jury looked at the teaching method, knowledge and enthusiasm, the education materials, the student involvement level and innovative teaching efforts.
The winner will be announced on Wednesday 13 January during the Student Council get-together to usher in the new year. The winner will bear the 'Teacher of the Year' title for a year and receive a copy of the sculpture 'The Teacher' by artist Jan Praet.