Nieuws - 27 augustus 2009

Hungover in church after AID

Nine a.m. was a bit early but the church service last Sunday was full. And very international.

After two days of AID activities and two nights of partying, most Wageningen students are just rolling over again to sleep off the hangover. But not all.
A handful of AID goers are already at the Leeuwenborch. They're here for the ecumenical church service jointly organized by CAID, the student chaplaincy In de Wereld-SP 3 , the Christian students' association and the International Christian Fellowship.
Not everyone finds it hard to get up so early. 'I'm always up at seven o'clock', says Matthijs chirpily. Slowly the hall fills up, and extra chairs are needed. And just after ten o'clock, 120 students join in a hearty chorus of Morning has broken.
Among them is Klaas Wieringa. Even though he got to bed at quarter to three last night, he didn't want to miss the service. 'It's important to me to make a good start to my time here', he explains. 'I want to carry on with my habit of going to church and meeting other Christians. It's a big contrast with other AID activities. I feel very much at home here with all the people from different parts of the world who have so much in common.'
Klaas is right. A service like this brings people together. The cheery hymns could be a bit much in the early morning, even for the brightly dressed Ghanaian women. /Alice van Ginkel