Student - August 20, 2013

How to ride a bike

Albert Sikkema

International students practice how to use a bicycle during the Introduction Week.

Ruth Sepulveda has three severe bruises on her leg – the result of trying to ride a bike two days ago. Today she is taking lessons during the Introduction Week to improve her biking skills. Ruth is from Chile. She used a ride bike a couple of times when she was 10 years old, but she completely forgot how to use it.

Also Banchayehu Tessema Assefa form Ethiopia is practising the first steps to ride a bicycle. She never used a bike before. ‘The balance is so difficult.’ The lack of biking skills makes it difficult for her to take part in the introduction programme around Wageningen. She’s not able to ride and is afraid to sit on the back of a bicycle. Banchayehu feels ashamed about it and definitely wants to learn the art of biking, together with tens of international students who have just arrived in Wageningen.