Nieuws - 18 februari 2010

Housing corporation headquarters to move to Duivendaal

Sale of Lawet building is almost complete. Wageningen UR is looking for buyers for other Duivendaal buildings.

The Lawet building at Duivendaal will be the new housing corporation headquarters
Housing corporation Mooiland is buying Lawet, the former home of Soil Sciences and Geology at Duivendaal. The corporation, which operates nationwide, will be making the building its new headquarters.
The contracts still have to be signed but that is a formality according to spokesperson Maxime Pieters of Mooiland. Mooiland manages more than 26,000 houses and flats. The corporation was created two years ago by the merger of Woonmaatschappij Maasland in Grave and Vitalis in Amersfoort. Maasland operates in eleven municipalities in the  Northeast Brabant region. Vitalis has operations nationwide in 143 municipalities.
Mooiland has been looking for a suitable location in Wageningen since the merger. At the moment the organisation is still located in Ede. 'Wageningen has a nice central position between our offices in Grave and Amersfoort. And it is only a small move from Ede to Wageningen.' Indeed, Mooiland is officially already present in Wageningen, given that it has a PO box address in Wageningen.
The sale of the Lawet building is part of a larger plan to turn the Duivendaal area into cash, says Eise Ebbelink, head of the Property Policy section at Wageningen UR. 'But we have only just started thinking about what to do. We have already submitted an application to the municipality to revise the land use plan for the whole of Duivendaal. As well as the Lawet building, the former home of Physics and Meteorology at Duivendaal is also for sale. Ebbelink: 'It has been empty for a while. There has been some interest but we still don't have a buyer.' What is more, Wageningen UR wants to find a new use for the ISRIC premises. That building has been empty since the forced departure of ISRIC. The soil scientists had to leave all of a sudden at the end of last year because the building was suspected to be a fire hazard. Ebbelink says the building will be demolished unless ISRIC returns. The court is due to pass judgement on this soon.
The arrival of Mooiland at Duivendaal has been arranged within the current land use plan. The Lawet building will house the executive board and the support services of the Mooiland holding company, about thirty people in total. The move is scheduled for the end of this year; work needs to be done inside the building first.
Mooiland's two offices in Grave and Amersfoort and the associated regional offices will be kept on.