Nieuws - 27 juni 2013

House Party

The story so far: Derk doesn't respond to Vera's advances. The jealous Willem-Jan is frustrated by Vera's lack of interest in him.

Clutching two cocktails, Vera wormed her way through the crowd. Even with all the windows wide open, it was stiflingly hot and dancing partygoers kept bumping into her. She usually loved house parties. She felt more comfortable approaching people and even dared to flirt a bit. But tonight the place was too full, and besides, she was only interested in one person and Derk was nowhere to be seen.
'Here's your cocktail', she said curtly to Elise. They'd been stood in a slightly cooler corner by the window for a while.
'Thanks.' Elise was slumped over the windowsill, sporting large shadows under her eyes. 'I'm really not looking forward to the holidays at all', she complained, picking up her monologue where she had left off.
And I'm sick of you, thought Vera, as she smiled understandingly. Her eyes roamed across the room, scanning the crowd while she half-listened to Elise's complaints. She didn't spot Derk, but did see Willem-Jan's bright red head which kept turning in her direction. Nervously she gulped down her cocktail. She could feel herself getting tipsy as wild thoughts started spinning around her head: I have to do something, otherwise I'll never get anywhere with Derk. The holidays start next week and then we won't see each other for weeks.
'I have to go to the loo,' she suddenly interrupted Elise, turning to wriggle back through the crowd. Willem-Jan was just on his way to the fridge, so the timing was spot on. She didn't find Derk during her tour of the living room, so, sticky with sweat, she fought her way out to the hall. It was warm there too, but not as busy. Two frat boys from Ceres and KSV were gabbling away about which society was most fun. Bianca was stood a little further along.
'Have you seen Derk?' asked Vera. Judging by Bianca's smile she wasn't doing a very good job of hiding her eagerness.
'I saw him walking that way just now.' She pointed to the end of the corridor. Vera picked her way past a few groups of people but she couldn't see him anywhere.  All the room doors were locked, leaving only the junk room. Hands shaking, she opened the door and gasped. Derk and someone she couldn't quite make out were locked in a passionate embrace.
'Hey Derk, Vera's looking for you', called Bianca, who had walked up behind Vera. Startled, Derk spun around. Behind him Vera could now recognize his 'fitness buddy' Tom. Derk flushed a deep red and seemed lost for words.
'I wanted to tell you. Honest.'