News - September 15, 2011


What: Caperune
When: 17 and 23 September
With: Tequila

Latin music from Wageningen: Caperune (pronounced: capeeroonay) play lively music from the social clubs of Cuba, Colombia and Peru. What does it sound like? Ben 'Tequila' de Vries from Canada: 'We play several numbers by the musicians of the Buena Vista Social Club, American/ Mexican numbers and Cuban folk music with its own energetic flavour.' On the stage are all kinds of percussion, acoustic base guitars, a trumpet, guitars and a cuatro, a five-string lute from Puerto Rico.
The band is made up of five people from Canada, Peru, the Netherlands and Suriname. 'That's how we came up with the name: Ca-Peru-Ne. When Sampa from Suriname joined us we decided to leave the name as it was and not to change it to Caperunesu.' Ben's not the only one with a nickname. The drummer is known as Pulpito - octopus, Johan from Wageningen goes by the name of El Rojo - the redhead - and the deeply religious Sampa is called 'El Pastor'. Benito: 'I've forgotten where the nickname Tequila came from but it stuck with the rest of them.' It would seem the gentlemen are not averse to a little tipple on the job.
So dust off your dancing shoes and loosen up your hips: Caperune is playing from 10.00h on 17 September in tent 69 at the Droeffeest, and from ten o'clock at the Overkant café on 23 September with a flautist as special guest.
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