Nieuws - 22 maart 2010

Hot meals on campus for students

The Restaurant of the Future will be dishing up dinners for students on Tuesdays and Thursdays from April 29. For 5 euros each, students can eat and participate in a study into influencing daily consumption choices.

In this way, Wageningen will have a student cafeteria again, albeit only on two days of the week. Students wishing to take part have to register for a pass which gives them access to the Restaurant of the Future, located about 100 meters east of the Forum.
Students will be able to choose from two to three main courses and desserts. The meal ingredients will be organic and 'fair trade' products as much as possible. Food will be served from 5 to 8 pm.
Individual feedback
This temporary cafeteria is part of a study into what effects feedback can have on healthy food choice, explains project manager Marchel Gorselink of the Food & Biobased Research (F&BR) unit. 'Some of the test persons - about 15 students - will each be given an exercise meter. They will also be given feedback via their cell phones just before eating. Anyone who eats more than the amount corresponding to his exercise pattern will be told that he is eating too much.' 
Unknown to them, the students will also be subjected to influences due to variations in salt and calorie quantities and other aspects. Gorselink does not want to elaborate on these aspects; that would be giving the game away.  The base measurement will take place in May and June; the study itself will start after summer and last for at least a year. Those interested to participate can attend an information evening on Thursday at 5 pm in the Restaurant of the Future, located at Stippeneng 2. Mails can also be sent to