News - July 7, 2010

Home from home

I live in Rheden through the week and in Uden at the weekend. Most of the time that works fine. The travelling time is doable - about two hours - and I know all about the delights of standing in buses. Once in a while I have left a book behind in Uden, but this was usually some unimportant reading matter that it was a pity I'd spent good money on, really. Now that I have all but finished my applied sciences degree, though, the trouble has started.

Much to the annoyance of those around me, I keep showing up at 'home' so that nobody is sure any more which is my real home - Rheden or Uden. My housemates grumble like mad that they never know whether I'll be there for supper or whether I might be able to cook. Once I caused them to go hungry, and another time I ate two evening meals. And several times I have carefully put the meal prepared for me into a lunchbox, only to leave it behind. This was the biggest source of irritation, especially when it turned out that my housemates had held back to keep some food for me.
As for me, the biggest hassle resulting from this chaos is when I lose something. To give an example: the university vaccination centre in Wageningen is to be privatized, so I though it would be a good idea to get a subsidized rabies shot while I can. After all, I have no idea what I am going to want to do with my life, so why not get a rabies vaccination now?
You've guessed it: I was of course convinced that my vaccination booklet was in Rheden. After pulling open a few drawers, I suddenly realized it must be in Uden. In a flurry of bad priority-setting, I rushed straight off to Rheden station. When I got there it came to me that my yellow booklet had been in my bag all along. By going a long way round, I tried to sneak back to my student house unnoticed. No good: my housemates had watched the whole show - including the detour - roaring with laughter. I really need a holiday. Far from home - any home. See you in September.