Nieuws - 25 mei 2012

Home, Sweet Home

Even in the dark, I could feel the eyes watching me.

My eyes were tightly shut. I could not see the culprit but I knew that someone was staring at me.  I felt a movement from my stalkers, they were much closer than I thought... everything was getting very scary.

Terrified, I opened one eye and almost screamed when I found a nose about 5 cm away from mine. It was my dog, Misty, a border collie. The clock flashed 07:00, grumpily I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

I must say it was nice to be home, after a while you do miss your family and all the chaos that goes with it. Being a country girl, it was nice to be back in the emptiness of France, surrounded by cows and fields, and beautiful weather.

I was greeted like some long lost hero upon arriving home. Lots of friends came to see me.  To be honest,  my French friends do not understand how I could possibly study in another country. They do not understand the pleasures of travelling  -  especially when everything anyone  could possibly want is in France!

That is where my French friends and I differ greatly on opinions, about studying abroad, broadening horizons and trying to make them understand new cultures or worlds. I have not persuaded them yet.

 I could still feel Misty's eyes watching me. Just as I was about to reluctantly stumble out of bed and go to see if there was any chance of a cooked breakfast, I felt a wet fish pass across my mouth and nose. Ugh! A kiss from a dog. I yelled and Misty decided it would be safer under the bed until after breakfast. Do that again and you will be breakfast!