Student - March 1, 2007

Hogeschool students’ complaints ignored

The Van Hall Larenstein students in Wageningen have many complaints, but the management will not listen to them, said a number of students during a discussion held at the Wageningen Student Organisation. The WSO is going to assist the students.

‘It’s organisational chaos,’ concluded Charlotte van Erp Taalman Kip of the WSO, after she had listened to the stories of the eight VHL students. The student union WSO had organised the evening because of the lack of satisfaction about competence-oriented education at VHL. But it emerged that more is wrong.

Thai and Chinese students are said to be bringing the level of teaching down because of their inadequate English. According to the students, the English of lecturers is also not up to standard. In addition, the organisation and timetabling are a big source of frustration. Drastic changes, such as suddenly putting two subjects together for one exam, are no exception.

The students say that the official channels of representation are not working. During the evening nobody was present from the joint representative advisory body, although there were representatives from the various programme committees (opco’s).

With the help of the WSO, the students will inventory the problems and make them known to the management of VHL and Wageningen UR. The Wageningen University Student Council was also present, and will bring matters to the attention of the Executive Board.