Nieuws - 5 juli 2007

Hoevestein residents may be able to return on Saturday

With a bit of luck the Hoevestein tenants may be able to sleep in their own rooms on Saturday 7 July. If everything goes according to plan, the lifts will be working again in the Wageningen student flat and there will be warm water. The people from corridor 16A, right under the roof where the fire was, cannot return yet.

The residents will hear whether they can return at a meeting in hotel and congress centre WICC on Friday afternoon 6 July at five thirty. If it’s good news, the meeting will end with drinks on the university. Whether or not the students can return depends above all on the lift. Parts still have to arrive from abroad and, once fitted, the lift must be inspected. The eight tenants from 16A still have to wait a few more weeks, and are hoping for good weather. Once there is less wind and rain the roof can be repaired.

The cause of the fire on 22 June is still not completely clear, says Idealis director Hans van Medenbach. The police investigators concluded last week that the fire was caused by lightning, but Van Medenbach is not convinced of this. ‘Insurance agents are also investigating the case. There was a lightning strike but it appears to have been properly diverted by the lightning conductors. Otherwise the TVs and computers on the top floor wouldn’t have been working when we went up to look after the fire had been put out. There are indications that the roof had been burning for ten minutes before lightning struck.’

The lightning conductor on top of the Hoevestein flat is in good working order, as are the conductors on all Idealis buildings, and are inspected each year.