Student - September 3, 2015

Hoevestein elevator out of order

Rob Ramaker

One of the two elevators in the student complex Hoevestein will probably remain out of use until December. It would be unjust for us to keep it in use, says the student housing cooperation Idealis, because residents get stuck in the elevator.

The elevators in the sixteen story building have been experiencing elevator failures for a while now. Idealis thought that they had solved the problem with provisional maintenance, but recently they have received new notices about residents getting stuck.

Idealis indicates that they want to fix the elevators as soon as possible, but several required components appear to not be deliverable before December. ‘We really find it annoying’, says Corina van Dijk, spokeswoman for Idealis. She says that they are working hard to find an intermediary solution.

Last Tuesday the shutdown quickly led to irritations. Tom van Aalten, third years Landscape Architecture and Planning, started a petition where he calls Idealis to hurry with repairing the elevator. Meanwhile, van Aalten arrived too late for one of his lectures because of the elevator shutdown, but he also sees that it is a burden for other residents. ‘I sometimes see people using the stairs from the twelfth floor, I think that is absurd.’

The timing of the shutdown is very unfortunate because many students are moving in and out of Hoevestein around this time of the year.

Moreover, some of the residents indicate that also the left elevator is often broken or out of order.

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  • u krijgt de vinger van idealis

    Voorbeeld #827932 waaruit blijkt dat Idealis complete schijt heeft aan haar klanten.
    In welke andere flat met 16 verdiepingen voor "normale" werkende bewoners zou de eigenaar denken met zoiets weg te kunnen komen?
    Omdat het hier studenten betreft denken ze er een loopje mee te kunnen nemen.

    Bewoners, doe iets! Metsel elke nacht een muur voor de deur van het Idealis kantoor. Loos er een paar kuub stront/zand/stenen, ofzo, maar laat het ze gewoon eens merken.