Organisation - February 22, 2018

Highlights of WUR centenary

Roelof Kleis

The sower sows knowledge, of course: skills and wisdom. But in this centenary year he is sowing something else: celebratory happenings. There are lots of events on the centenary committee’s programme. Resource picked 10 that you definitely mustn’t miss.

text Roelof Kleis illustration Henk van Ruitenbeek

Lasershow - 8 March
Celebrations get off to a flying start on the eve of WUR’s actual anniversary. On Thursday 8 March, the Dutch Students Orchestra will give a classical concert in the Forum, after which it will be countdown time in the marquee between the Forum and Atlas – accompanied by the big band Sound of Science. Rector magnificus Arthur Mol will then officially open the centenary year, followed by a laser show.

Party of the Century- 9 March
After the Foundation Day celebration during the day, the fun really starts in the evening of Friday 9 March. The joint party thrown by nine student societies has got to be the Party of the Century. One night, one ticket (6 euros), five parties in the town centre. The delights of DJs, live bands, world music and a silent disco, from 23:00 to 06:00

Creative innovation - 10 March till 11 November
What do you get when artists and scientists go in search of innovations together? No idea. But in the coming months, it is going to happen. Ten young artists will each work on a project together with two researchers over two months. The results of their labours will be presented afterwards. Where, when and how is still to be announced.

What’s Life? - 12 to 14 March
We are going straight to the heart of the matter in the first week of the centenary year: life itself. What is life, actually? And how much tinkering with it is permissible? Throughout Science Week, there will be lectures by famous scientists from at home and abroad. On the last day, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein will come in for a lot of attention.

Signed - 6 to 9 May
In 1943, students in the Netherlands had to decide whether to sign a declaration of allegiance or not. A choice between loyalty to the German government of occupation or labour camp in Germany. Signed, a play performed by actors including WUR students and staff, brings this turbulent period of history to life. The four performances are from Sunday 6 to Wednesday 9 May in the Junushof theatre.

Student championships - 8 to 10 June
About 1500 students from all over the Netherlands will do battle for gold, silver and bronze from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 June in and around the Bongerd Sports Centre, in the Great Dutch Student Championship.  Besides eight sports that are always included (football, volleyball, tennis etc.), the programme also features optional sports such as gymnastics, the triathlon, boxing, ultimate frisbee and beach korf ball. Oh yes, and there will be knots ball and pole dancing.

World Wide Wageningen - 23 June
Wageningen alumni live all around the world. The main theme on International Alumni Day is sustainable nutrition and food. What better way to approach this theme than by sitting down to a meal together? The aim is to have 100 dinner parties around the world on that day.  

Wisdom & Wonder Festival - 15 September
Zo aan het begin van het nieuwe studiejaar is het wel weer tijd voor een feestje. Op deze zaterdag is er een campusfestival voor iedereen. Met workshops, optredens, dj’s, foodtrucks en wat al niet. Wie trouwens zelf op wil treden, kan zich nog tot 1 maart melden bij de feestorganisatie via

System Earth - 15 to 19 October
What do we really know about the earth as a system? And what do Wageningen scientists contribute to this knowledge?
A week full of lectures, excursions and a big conference – Water Science for Impact – will showcase what Wageningen has to offer in terms of knowledge about water, soil and the atmosphere, and about how we treat them.

Music and scince - 3 November
Some scientists are good musicians as well. In that order. But that is not the only link between science and the arts. For a whole evening, student choir and orchestra WSKOV and student orchestra De Ontzetting will make music that makes connections with science. A one-off event in the Junushof.

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