Nieuws - 9 september 2004

High cost of scientific success

Researchers at the Agrotechnology & Food Innovations science group have been successful in acquiring subsidies and projects. But there is a price to pay.

According to Paul van Helvert of A&F, ‘problem’ is too big a word: ‘For the projects we have won the financer provides no more than half of the money required. We have to come up with the rest ourselves. This process of matching, as it is called, is causing us some worries.’ Van Helvert has no concrete figures, but is referring to projects that have come out of the Dutch government’s Bsik fund. In the past it was possible to use money from two different government funds next to each other for counter-financing, but this construction is no longer permitted. According to a recent report published by the Advisory Board for Science and Technology Policy, this is a problem that all Dutch universities are facing.