Organisatie - 16 juni 2011

Here comes the bio cup!

Coffee in a compostable cup is available on campus since yesterday.


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There will only be bio cups at the coffee vending machines in Gaia, Lumen, Radix and Atlas in the next few weeks. These cups look like the usual cardboard cups but have a 'natural layer of coating' and are completely compostable. Or that's what they should be.
Whether this works out in practice can only be said after this trial period. That depends partly on whether the cups are emptied of coffee and other wastes before being thrown into the right waste bins. The trial is part of a big bio cup project which, if successful, could lead to everyone in Wageningen UR drinking out of bio cups in time to come.
By the way, the coffee in Gaia is free of charge. All the more reason to check it out.