Nieuws - 22 februari 2005

Health and safety

No direct sunlight, a long plank for a desk, freezing temperatures in winter and oven-like temperatures in the summer. These are the conditions under which some students in the Plant Sciences Group have to write up their graduation theses.

Bram Lokker, the student on the joint representative council for Plant Sciences made a survey of the quality of office space for final-year students. Although the situation is not bad everywhere, he came to the conclusion that most groups only take measures once matters have reached a critical point. Money available for making improvements was largely spent on ergonomic chairs for members of staff, and investments for students are only made sporadically. The Sciences Group directors’ response was that the students should approach the head of the chair group, but according to Lokker students are not likely to do that, as the same person is often involved in grading their theses.