Nieuws - 26 augustus 2009

Headline jumps out at Marelle

Columnist Marelle Boersma introduces herself. An arty scientist - or scientific artist.

‘Resource is looking for creative talent’, reads the headline. My first thought is, ‘The university is bursting with creative talent.’ But I read on with curiosity. That’s how it works with me: first scan the headlines. And if a headline grabs me I read on.
This headline jumped out at me at once. Anyway, it’s a short piece so I read it all. Aha, they’re after a provocative columnist. Now I’m really interested. They’re looking for me! Writing is my thing. Besides my work as an analyst at Toxicology, I write thrillers, short stories and columns. In science all the details have to be exactly right and there’s no room for poetic licence. When I write I can let my imagination flow, preferably with details that are right too. As a scientist I may go on and on experimenting just to arrive at conclusive evidence. In my stories, though, I can just pluck evidence from the air. Going between the two is nice. They are both creative occupations. I wouldn’t want to be without either of them. That’s why I love the combi of science and writing.
Editor in chief Gaby van Caulil seems to be aiming high. He tells me he wants ‘a columnist who’s up to date, critical, provocative and/or humorous.’  He names an example and I get cold feet. Would I like to be like that? Of course I would! Who wouldn’t?
Luckily I’m ambitious and like a challenge. So here I am in Resource. I hope I can be provocative enough, take criticism and keep my sense of humour. And of course I hope this new headline jumped out at you, so you’ve read on beyond it. /Marelle Boersma