Student - 12 maart 2020

Have a cold? Stay home, even if you have exams

Luuk Zegers

According to WUR’s guidelines for the corona outbreak, you should stay home if you have symptoms of the flu or a common cold. But what if you have exams?

A discussion on Wageningen Student Plaza reveals that there is much uncertainty among students. ‘Simply telling people to stay at home if they feel unwell is not sufficient,’ the message states. ‘No-one wants to fall behind.’ The message shows a screenshot of a group conversation on the question of whether you are permitted to sit exams if you have a cold. ‘On the one hand, I want to stay home, but on the other hand, I don’t want to resit exams in the summer.’

Stay home
WUR spokesperson Simon Vink stresses that you must stay at home. ‘But we don’t want our students to fall behind. We are currently working on solutions to prevent any delays. As much as possible, these solutions will be tailored individually. But first, we must contribute to curbing the spread of the virus as best we can.’

Check out WUR’s guidelines for corona here.

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  • Irish Times

    WUR should have made and communicated solutions long before the exam week, so students are confident that they will not fall behind when following the COVID-19 guidelines. Only then are people willing to follow those guidelines.

    If you had a cough, would you honestly postpone your exam, not knowing when and how you will remake it? It might be weeks from now, all your studying of the past week faded to the back of your mind; it might be during another period when you're horribly busy; it might be in the middle of Summer, when you wanted to go on holiday, or already have three re-exams waiting for you...

    Or would you just wash your hands an cough in your elbow like the Dutch government has ensured you are excellent measures?

    Very disappointed by the lack of pro-active measures. Not just by WUR, but by the Netherlands in general. Especially with an example to learn from like Italy close by.