Nieuws - 19 november 2010

Happie hour

Who? Ilse Vermeij
What? Busy with the Happietaria, which opens on Thursday 18 November
Why? ‘We are trying to raise money for a great project in Ethiopia.’

What is the Happietaria?
'An occasional restaurant run by volunteers. It is an initiative by the Christian student societies. This is the third time for Wageningen but the Happietaria has been going for much longer in other towns. Last time the restaurant in Wageningen had nearly 1,100 people come to eat in three weeks.'
How much does a meal cost?
'A main course costs at least €7.00 and a three-course meal costs €13.50.'
Does it taste good?
'The menu has been put together by volunteers and a professional cook. It is quite varied with rice, pasta, potatoes and an Ethiopian menu consisting of stews and various side dishes. There is a vegetarian dish and we use organic products. The juice and beers are Fair Trade.'
What happens to the profits?
'The proceeds will be matched by ICCO and Kerk in Actie (Church in Action). The money will be used to fund a development project in Ethiopia aimed partly at improvements in agriculture. There is more information about the sponsored project on the place mats. 
The Happietaria's address is Markt 11 in Wageningen. It is open from Monday to Saturday between 18 November and 10 December. See