Nieuws - 23 februari 2012

Ham rolls, hamburgers and sausages

Who? Sander Thus, MSc Animal Sciences
What? Chair of the anniversary committee for study association ‘de Veetelers'
Why? ‘De Veetelers' are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary on Thursday 1 March

Fifty years - not bad for a farmers' study association!
‘We are not just a farmers' club. In the early days, it was true that most of our members were farmers' sons, but we are a lot broader than that now. Animal Sciences used to be very much a boy's choice of course, but now it attracts a lot of girls. Pet are included in the programme now alongside farm animals. And this new breadth is reflected in our activities.'
And that party you are planning?
‘As far as we know, nothing like this has been organized by students before. We plan to turn one of the Unifarm buildings behind Radix into a huge barn. The cover band HIKE from the Achterhoek is coming, and you'll be able to buy ham rolls, hamburgers and sausages outside. The proceeds from those will go to charity. It is an open party, so everyone is welcome to come for a beer, Veeteler member or not.'
Is there much interest in your anniversary activities?
‘The reunion on Saturday is totally full, with 220 people signed up. ‘De Veetelers' is the most active study association in Wageningen. Almost everyone on the programme is a member and our sub-associations also attract non-Veetelers. Finding sponsors proved very easy: there is a lot of demand for people who want to work in the agricultural sector. In that world ‘de Veetelers' are very well-known.
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