News - November 27, 2008


Professor Edith Lammerts van Bueren, associate professor of organic plant breeding, has received the highest education bonus from the executive council: about 19 thousand euros. The decision is based on student evaluations. The 25 best courses and the 25 best teachers of Wageningen University receive a bonus.

As associate professor, Lammerts van Bueren spends one day a week at the university. Her Master’s course on ‘Organic plant breeding and seed production’ came out with flying colours, too. ‘What I have heard from students is that they like the way I speak from experience and teach a problem-centred course based on what is going on in practice now. The course puts things in their social context and not just their academic one’, explains Lammerts van Bueren.
This year teachers from outside the university have received bonuses too. DLO researcher Dr. Gerard van der Linden, from PRI, and Van Hall Larenstein teacher Eddy Hesselink share the thirteenth place. / Alexandra Branderhorst

1. Prof. Edith Lammerts van Bueren, Plant Breeding
2. Dr. Marthijn Sonneveld, Land Dynamics
3. Dr. André van Lammeren, Plant Cell Biology
4. Dr. Reind Jan Renes, Communication Studies
5. Ing. Gert Peek, Land Dynamics
6. Drs. Paul Torfs, Hydrology
7. Dr. Fred de Boer, Resource Ecology
8. Dr. Grosse Schraa, Microbiology
9. Ing. Willy ten Haaf, Geo-information Science
10 Ing. Anna Sabidussi, Business Studies, and Dr. Carel Weijers, Organic Chemistry