News - August 25, 2004

Group 65

Do MSc students need a more serious introduction programme than the younger and less experienced BSc students? It doesn’t seem so: “Soon we’ll have more than enough time to be serious.”

The registration of the MSc students in the university head office on Saturday is a noisy affair. Among the crates of bread, milk, cheese and chocolate spread there are students everywhere talking to each other, with their own nationalities and mixing as well. A few guys are standing outside smoking. Group 65 has gathered in a corner at the back of the building, and is looking forward to the AID (introduction days). The group members all agree that through the fun that’s to be had you make more social contacts and as a result get to learn about the student culture here. “Anyway, we’ll soon have more than enough time to be serious,” comments a Greek student. They are also looking forward to the sports day. “We’re going to win,” they declare in one voice.

And indeed, the following day they do well. “We have the Olympic flame inside us,” says Erin, who is inspired by her Greek mates in the group. The atmosphere is good, with jokes flying around. A few would have liked to seen aerobics or dance on the programme, but there’s enough to do. Some of the group members are missing though. “The Chinese students have already left,” says mentor Ronald. “Some of them have been in Wageningen for a while.” Most of the group was out the night before with a student club. Mokit from the Philippines has also stayed home: “I’ve just arrived and the weather is tough for me: I’m cold. I stayed home to e-mail my family.”

Yvonne de Hilster