Student - October 12, 2016

Green Office is looking for sustainable teachers

Albert Sikkema

Which teachers inspire Wageningen students to perform research into sustainable development, or to assume a more sustainable lifestyle. That is what the Green Office is out to find. The university platform wants to present the Green Teacher Award once more.

Starting this week, Seriously Sustainable Week, students can once again nominate teachers whom they see as role models for sustainable research and behaviour. ‘If they inspire you, or gently push you toward a more sustainable approach of your field of study or moderating your study-related printing behaviour, you can nominate them’, says Marta Eggers, the Green Office manager. Teachers may also recommend other teachers, or even themselves.

Last year, the Green Office presented the Green Teacher Award for the very first time. It was not awarded to a single person, but to ten teachers. ‘For us, it is not about winning, but about spreading sustainability’, says Eggers. ‘We have selected and interviewed ten people for a booklet. They serve as best practice.’ Last year’s laureates include Simon Bush, Stefano Pascucci and Grietje Zeeman; all ten may be found in the award’s booklet.

Whether this year will see another booklet and no winner, this Eggers doesn’t know yet. ‘That depends on the entries. Wait and see.’

Students can nominate teacher through this page.