Nieuws - 14 september 2006

Grant for international talent

Egyptian researcher Ahmed Abd-El-Haliem (photo) is one of 23 young and talented international researchers who have been awarded a Mozaïek subsidy from the Dutch research organisation NWO.

Abd-El-Haliem (29), who has a degree in biotechnology from the Hogeschool Larenstein in Velp, will receive 180,000 euros for a four-year PhD research project on disease resistance. He will do his research at the Phytopathology Group in Wageningen. The grant is made available by the NWO and the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Minister of Education Maria van der Hoeven will award the Mozaïek subsidies on Thursday 19 October.

The subsidy was introduced in 2003 to encourage members of ethnic minorities with scientific talent to remain in the Netherlands for their research.