Organisatie - 23 oktober 2008


Couple of weeks ago we saw, with astonishment, how the main building of the university was vandalized. This situation has different sides, and can be interpreted from different perspectives. On one hand it shows that there is discomfort at Wageningen UR. Some of the decisions in our institution are not shared by everyone and even pushed someone to a bold action. On the other hand it could mean that the channels of communication are not well known.

Throughout the history of PSF and WSO, we have been known for being organizations always open to engage in dialogue with any actor regarding relevant topics for WUR students. We try to communicate openly about our ideas, plans and actions, taking responsibility for our opinion.  In the past we organized demonstrations, for a more environmental friendly university (Inconvenient truth of WUR & Green Manifesto), in solidarity with the students with housing problems (Campus or Camping) and also one stressing the importance of freedom of press (Silent protest). In all these demonstrations our names and ideals were clearly presented, for all to see and to know who to contact in case of any reaction and to clean the mess afterwards.
Instead of being anonymous ‘Belhamels’, we are ‘unmasked Zorros’ representing students. Thus we believe that drawing anonymous graffiti on the walls of the Bestuurscentrum, is nót an invitation to dialogue. We have always been and always will be all ears to everyone at Wageningen UR who has something to say. So we invite them to come to us and we will strive to make sure that their demands will be heard on the management of the University, because we are also here to be the voice of the students of Wageningen University.