Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970




I am an about to graduate Malaysian MSc student who is appalled at the
level of thought the university has given to students graduating in
January. Many of us have travelled long distances to study here in
Wageningen and the graduation ceremony is a big event for us. Much to my
surprise I found out that the venue for this ceremony is the Mathematics
building. Shocking!

There was no explanation given in my invitation letter as to why an
important academic event such as a graduation will be held in normal
lecture hall. I was of the impression that Wageningen University wants to
uphold a certain level of decorum, honour and prestige in sending off its
graduates. I have to say I was far from impressed, especially since I have
invited my family to attend the ceremony.

I have heard from other students that the reason for the choice of venue
was poor funding. Surely this cannot be the case since international
students are full fee paying students. Is there nothing left of the 17
thousand guilders we pay for our fees?

I hope an explanation will be provided as to why this venue was selected,
and how the University intends to make it up to its graduates who expect
nothing but the best from the best University in the Netherlands.

Carol Phua