Nieuws - 1 februari 2001



The main verdict on the new-style MSc graduation ceremony held last Thursday in the Junushoff was that it was a success, and should form the basis for future graduation ceremonies. The ceremony was a mix of old and new. The Junushoff is more spacious and offers a wider range of facilities than the university aula where the graduation ceremony used to be held.

A total of 92 graduates received their degrees, but instead of some personal words being addressed to the graduate, the audience was treated to a Power Point presentation which included a photo of the person in question, the title of their thesis and one sentence on their future plans - most want to continue for a PhD, many in Wageningen. A member of the development economics group commented at the reception that the presentations were impersonal and regretted the passing of the individual comments.

Barring a few technical hitches the ceremony went smoothly, and even members of staff who had not been in favour of the changes had to admit that the ceremony was a success. After the reception the graduates went on to a buffet dinner in the University Head Building and returned later in the evening to the Junushoff for a party with live music.

Sara van Otterloo

Photo Guy Ackermans