Nieuws - 8 januari 2004

Gosse Schraa voted teacher of the year

The ‘Leermeesterprijs’, prize for the best lecturer of the year, was awarded to Dr Gosse Schraa at the New Year’s reception of the student council. The jury praised Schraa for his enthusiasm and interactive approach to teaching, as well as his original and educational exam questions.

Schraa, himself a Wageningen graduate, has been teaching microbiology since 1984 and was chosen from a shortlist of five candidates. In his acceptance speech Schraa acknowledged his debt to Professor Mulder, who in his lectures on biotechnology used no handouts or visual aids, so students had to take notes. Schraa continued with a warning: “The university should be cautious about using English to teach first- and second-year students. Students who come straight from high school find the change to English difficult, especially communicating in a new language.” Schraa concluded that he distinguishes between three types of students in his teaching: “There is one group of students who know it all anyway, so you have nothing to teach them. There is another group that knows far less, and is not interested in learning any more, so you can’t teach them either. And there is a group that knows less than me and wants to learn. This is the most rewarding group for teachers.” | G.v.H.