Nieuws - 2 maart 2011

Goodbye Rifleman

Kneeling down then shooting a rifle in the air, once upon a time, it was an exclusive goal-scoring celebration with a Dutch trademark: soccer player Andy van der Meyde.

My best 11 of Ajax in the past 10 years
However, after Feb 25 th , maybe we can't see it anymore. First because it's such an awful move that no guy would like to imitate it, another reason is that he decided to hang up his boots. 'I quit', he said. 'I do not need to give an interview.'

His name has hardly been heard since his adventure in Great Britain. The last time I saw his name in a newspaper was four years ago when he still played at Merseyside; he was sent to hospital after 'his drink was spiked'. And now he put an end to his career without winning any big trophy. It's a real shame. Come on, he's only 31 but he chose to quit while the 40-year-old van der Sar is No.1 of Manchester United. What led him to such a pathetic ending?

Given that my Dutch sucks, I don't have much source for the answer. (I even suspect I'm the only columnist in the world to specially write an essay for his retirement). In fact, it's unnecessary to read anything in Dutch. The drinking problem is the culprit of his tragedy, or to say, he ruined his career himself. Maybe it's unfair to judge him as an alcoholic considered the injuries he suffered frequently in Everton. But it is sort of his last fig leaf as injury is a mysterious spell cast on every Dutch football talent from van Persie, van der Vaart to Robben. (Chinese football fans call them the Fragile Men.) However, they are still the key men in their teams. With an injured leg, Robin still scored for Arsenal on last Sunday. That's the so-called HERO. At last, there's something I just wanna say to you:
'Andy, you never walk alone, but you are the first one to quit. Maybe you are just a thin-skinned man, not as tough-minded as I thought. Goodbye Rifleman, wish you success in the coming new life. Maybe we could even meet in the street.'
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