Nieuws - 14 oktober 2004

Good score

Wageningen University is listed as the fourth most attractive university for students in the new ‘Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs’. The guide for prospective students is compiled on the basis of evaluations by students and inspection reports. Students give Wageningen a high score (8.3) for its sports facilities; De Bongerd has the longest opening hours of all university sports centres. Wageningen just missed first place in this category because its sports card is slightly more expensive than one in Groningen. For room availability, Wageningen just misses first place, overtaken by Enschede where the average waiting time is slightly shorter, but the recent rent rises are not mentioned in the guide. It is clear, though, that Wageningen is not the place to study if you are after an exciting nightlife. Despite the high scores from students already here, the town ended up bottom of the list of all university towns. / JH