Nieuws - 24 september 2009

'Good morning, Marelle Boersma speaking...'

Will we soon be answering the phone with 'Good morning' instead of our familiar old 'Goedemorgen'? It's perfectly possible. Word usage can change easily enough. It wouldn't be the first time.

Wageningen UR has been working on it branding. And it's been decided from now on to use only the English brand name, Wageningen University. The executive board's idea is that this will emphasize Wageningen UR's international status.
This news comes into our inboxes just before the coffee break, and needless to say there's no shortage of comments. Back to the drawing board again. We'll need new letter paper, new logos on websites, new signatures for the emails. Yet another example of something 'super-important' being imposed from above, creating a lot of work for those on the shop floor. As if we had nothing better to do. I wonder out loud whether we now have to answer the phone in English too. 'Good morning, Wageningen University. Marelle Boersma speaking.' I stammer over my nice Dutch 'g' in Wageningen. Anyway, my name sounds unintelligible. Not all names come out right in English.
Let me just get on with my job: working on international collaborative projects, teaching in English, setting up new experiments. And whether I'm doing it all for the Universiteit or the University? Het maakt mij niks uit; I don't care. International enough for you?  /® Marelle Boersma