Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Good and bad news

Good and bad news

Good and bad news

Dutch budget brings 15 million in cuts for DLO

A little more for the university, lots less for the DLO research
institutes, that’s the result of the new budget presented yesterday in the
Dutch parliament.

The current recession has resulted in widespread cuts in the Dutch economy.
Wageningen UR falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management
and Food, and the research institutes will receive 10 million euros less
next year. This is on top of previous cuts and is likely to rise to 15
million by 2006.

Vice-chairman of Wageningen UR, Kees van Ast, says that reorganisations
cannot be excluded as a result of the cuts. These are likely to be made in
the research programmes that come to an end next year. Until recently the
ministry financed four-year programmes, and a quarter of these finish next
year. A large number of these will probably not be continued.

For the university, however, there was good news. As a result of the
increases in student numbers and PhD graduates Wageningen will receive at
least eight million euros extra for education in 2006. University research
is allotted just three million less.

The budget contains not only financial figures, but also targets for the
quality of work at Wageningen UR. The ministry has set levels for the
visitation committees that assess the research carried out by institutes
here: sixty percent of the reports must receive a positive evaluation from
the ministry, based on the relevance of DLO research for Dutch agricultural
policy, and this figure must increase to eighty percent within a few years.

Korné Versluis