Nieuws - 28 juni 2011

Go-ahead for student accommodation on campus

Yesterday, during the council meeting, the municipal council voted unanimously in favour of the construction of student accommodation on campus. The council gave permission for a building with 400 student rooms along Bornsesteeg road. The municipality also agreed to 200 student accommodation units being built in and around the centre.

Yesterday evening, the entire council approved an accommodation policy document that had been submitted by the municipal executive in mid May. This document, which was drawn up in consultation with Idealis and the University, explored alternative building locations within Wageningen in an effort to deal with the shortage of student accommodation. There will be a shortfall of 600 student rooms in the 2012/2013 academic year.
By voting in favour of the policy document, the municipality is agreeing to a change in the land-use plan for the campus. This will make it possible for the university to sell or lease its land to Idealis. It is not clear how soon building work can start. Idealis and the University will need to hold talks.
A motion proposed by the Green Left political party to encourage temporary student accommodation in vacant offices was also accepted. This means it might eventually be possible for students to move into the buildings on Duivendaal road, which will become vacant at the end of the year when the Board Office moves out.