Nieuws - 26 mei 2011

Go-ahead for Atlas plans

The Employees' Council will continue to keep a close watch on things. Some employees will have to move to open-plan offices.

The ESG is abandoning its opposition to the relocation of the Administration Centre to Atlas. The Employees' Council is still sticking to its advice to reject the plan but it will not be taking any further steps, says the chairman of the Employees' Council, Kees van Diepen. 'The only other option would be to go to court but that costs time and would only delay things further. We don't want to be responsible for such delays and we are also not in that strong a position in terms of procedure. The judge will only advise us to try to come to a joint solution. We are not trying to gain time, we just want a better plan. There are a number of problems and we will continue to draw attention to them. We have not been silenced even though we are no longer being asked for a formal opinion.' Those problems are the space available for students and guest workers, and accommodation for one or two groups who are having to move from two-person offices to open-plan offices. The latter development is particularly hard to swallow. 'We were told beforehand that nobody would be worse off. Those expectations have not been met.'