Nieuws - 25 september 2008


Every university magazine in this country announces that it is ‘independent’ in its subtitle. Apparently, that is not understood.
No university publication is independent. When you're paid by the board, you are dependent by definition.

Wearing cynical glasses you see a mutual hold. The editorial team realizes that the board determines budget and means. The board fears a bad press.
That is also the framework within which the new team of Resource is operating. You should know.
But, among all the brochures, magazines, intranet and mailings of Wageningen UR, Resource is the only communication channel that has the expertise and means to stimulate debate and address any wrongs. We are aware of that responsibility.
When necessary, we will spit fire. Where appropriate, we will praise. Concerning all topics.
Fire. The members of the board make between 239,379 and 301,854 euro. That this two and a half times as much as the best paid professors receive. And eight to ten times as much as the secretaries earn. And even twelve times more than the animal caretakers and receptionists. Such large differences are detrimental to the cohesion within Wageningen UR. Strengthening the mutual bond is one of the objectives of this publication. We will do what we can.
Praise. When you judge success on the basis of student numbers, you have to conclude that university and 'hogeschool' are doing very well indeed. Thirteen percent more first-year students. Never before did the university attract that many first-year students. I don't know who contributed to that – it will have been many people – but they deserve praise.
So, Resource is back, but not much longer in the same format. The next few months, we will ponder a new magazine and related site. The Internet pages will be interactive and provides daily news. The weekly will have more room for debate, themes and background stories.
And that glossy cover, well, that’s a one-time thing!