Nieuws - 6 april 2006

Glossy magazine

‘The outside world still regards Wageningen as a village full of eco-freaks, but that’s not the case,’ said Marjolein Helder at the launch of a new magazine Wageningen Studentenstad. The new glossy magazine, intended to entice more Dutch high-school students to come and study in Wageningen, was launched on Monday 3 April at the Heerenstraattheater. Most Dutch high-school students choose the university they go to on the basis of the town where it is located. For this reason Helder, ex-president of student association SSR-W got together with representatives from the four big student associations in Wageningen to produce a magazine that profiles Wageningen as a ‘bustling student town with a homely village atmosphere’. The publication was largely financed by the town council and the university. Student enrolments will tell whether the glossy look with pretty girls on the cover and fraternity house scenes will be enough to rid Wageningen of its ‘woolly socks’ image for good. / MV

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