News - May 30, 2013

Glitter shirt

The story so far: Vera has her eye on her sporty housemate Derk. After the campus run something seemed to be blossoming between them, but Willem-Jan spoiled the moment.

'Have you been pressing F-5 all day on Eduweb too?' asked Vera. She was snuggled up on her coursemate Marit's bed with a glass of rosé in her hand. The rain hammered down on the window but inside it was warm and still smelled of vegetable lasagne.  
'Yes, really useless,' responded Marit. 'I don't get why it takes so long to grade it all.' She was standing in front of the window listlessly watching the drops sliding down it. 'If the weather was nicer we could at least have had a few beers down by the Rhine.'
'Yes, exactly, then I couldn't have cared less that I haven't had my grades back.'
Marit grinned.
'Then you would just have been chilling out with that hunky housemate of yours. Is there any action on that front?' Vera heaves a big sigh and takes a big mouthful of her wine.
'No, there is no action at all. Since the campus run he has flirted like mad but when I asked him at a party recently if he would take me home he said he was going to do some gaming with a friend. That is strange isn't it?'
'Yeah, that is really weird. Look, it's already dark outside.'
'It's really filthy weather. If it is still raining later I am definitely not going to that party, you know,' grumbled Vera.
'Oh come on, do,' said Marit cheerfully, closing the curtains. 'It is sure to be fun. Perhaps you can find someone to help you forget Derk.'
'You are really terrible.' Another deep sigh from Vera. 'Okay, okay, we'll go. But then I do want to wear that glitter shirt of yours.' With a big gulp she downed the rest of her rose and stood up.
While Marit was getting her shirt out of the wardrobe, Vera took off her sweater. At that very moment she saw a movement near the curtain. When she took a better look she suddenly made out two eyes peeping through the gap in the curtain.
'Marit! There is a man standing there!' Vera yelled. Without stopping to think, Marit ran to the window and yanked the curtain open. She found herself looking straight into the eyes of a young man with his nose pressed to the window.
'Clear off, pervert!' she shouted. The boy started and ran off. Stunned, they stared at each other. 'What now?' asked Vera in a trembling voice.
'Call the police,' answered Marit resolutely and grabbed her phone.
A little under 20 minutes later two young policemen stepped into the room. 'Which of you can tell me what happened?' one of them asked. Vera straightened up her tight glitter shirt and smiled at the policeman. 'I can,' she replied.