Nieuws - 5 april 2012

Glass breasts in the old staffroom

What? Het Depot sculpture gallery
Where: In the former Botanical Centre at the Dreijen, Wageningen
When? Open Thursdays to Sundays 11.00-17.00 hours, Fridays until 21.00 hours. Free entrance.
Tip from: André van Lammeren, associate professor of Cell Biology

‘To think that you can turn that kind of building into something like this!' For André van Lammeren it is one source of astonishment after the other. His old workplace has been transformed into a chic exhibition space, the most striking feature of which is its vast spaciousness. A lot of demolition has gone on. ‘We are now in the Banana. Here on the left there were lots of small rooms and on the right you had the labs. The inner walls have all gone. Look, here the ceiling has been removed too. That takes nerve, for an architect.' Where his office used to be, a naked woman in black bronze now reclines gracefully. In the former staffroom lie 49 large glass breasts. And then there are the colours: red and blue. ‘We were not allowed to paint anything. It was all bare concrete then.' And a bit later, looking out: ‘Even the grass is greener than it ever was in our day.' A quick look at the old lecture hall. ‘Who would have thought it? It still smells exactly the same! That is because of the wooden floor.' A musty smell, then. And to think that the building was almost demolished. ‘Definitely recommended', he concludes. ‘They have made an excellent job of giving the building a new lease of life.' And he hasn't even got round to the impressive art collection. That requires another visit. Oh yes, and you are allowed to touch everything.