Organisation - May 3, 2016

Giro banner waits for squad

Roelof Kleis

The riders of the Giro will pass the campus on Saturday. As a welcome a huge banner was hung on the side of Atlas.

The banner is 9.5 x 16 meters and portraits a cyclist in the pink Giro shirt biking straight through the concrete shell of Atlas. That cyclist is Erik van Grendel, an ‘enthusiastic amateur’, this is how the photographer and designer Marin van Zwol describes him. Van Zwol designed the banner. He got Van Grendel, a good friend of him, to pose for the picture. The design was precise: the grid in the image had to match the concrete grid around Atlas.

With the banner Wageningen UR draws attention for her ‘science for impact’. In this case the research on healthy nutrition and the relation between nutrition and sport. In the weekend on Saturday the peloton will pass over the Mansholtlaan for the second stage of the round of Italy. This will be in the course of the afternoon. The campus and sports centre The Bongerd are therefore not or poorly accessible, as well as the residential areas alongside the course.

The social media team of Wageningen University captured the activity around hanging the banner on Atlas in a time lapse.

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  • Jan Knoben

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