Nieuws - 5 april 2012

Get Connected with the AID

The fun of preparing for the following Annual Introduction Days (AID) can now start. Last week, the committee launched the theme for the introduction days and the registration of mentors started.

The AID committee presented the theme at VeSte's anniversary party on 29 March.
The first applications were already arriving the morning after the party in Junushoff, says AID committee member Sara de Groot. ‘The system for applications is different this year compared with previous years. It used to be a case of first come, first served but we felt that wasn't fair. It also meant the pressure on the system got too much when there were a lot of people visiting our site at the same time. So now we have a lottery system. The applications are coming in much more evenly now.'
The counter currently stands at 55 pairs for the Bachelor groups and 7 for the Master groups. ‘The registration for the Master's students is already going better than last year. We are collaborating with IxESN in an effort to attract more mentors.' The registration deadline for mentoring new Bachelor's students is 9am on 10 April. The registration for Master's mentors will remain open longer.
The name of the first band to be invited to perform at the AID closing party has been announced. It is The Hype, four guys who made a stir last year at 3FM Serious Talent. The theme for the next AID is Get Connected. So it is only fitting for the AID to feature social media, says Sara. 'We will have a mobile site where all students and AID participants will be able to follow the introduction days minute by minute via the Twitter feed. We will also announce changes to the programme there.' The mobile site will be launched on 31 May.