Student - 28 februari 2015

Gelderland is Wageningen University's main supplier

Roelof Kleis

Gelderland province is the main supplier for Wageningen University. The vast majority of Dutch students at Wageningen came from a secondary school in Gelderland, according to the Student Map put together by the newspaper Tubantia.

The paper used data from education agency DUO to map the origins of all the students at every higher education institution in the country. The map shows where Wageningen students come from in the Netherlands. It is clear that Wageningen University draws students from all over the country. But in the provincial breakdown, the map also reveals that Wageningen’s own province is most strongly represented. Gelderland supplies more students than Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Flevoland, Zeeland and Limburg combined. North Brabant and South Holland are also well represented.

Zooming in further, the Veluwe and the Arnhem- Nijmegen region supply particularly large numbers of students. Looking at the current students, 76 come from Pantarijn school in Wageningen, the Marnix in Ede provided 41, Scholengemeenschap Breda 40, the Meerwegen College in Amersfoort 39, the Johannes Fontanus College in Voorthuizen 37, the Over Betuwe College in Elst and the Ichtus College in Veenendaal 36, and the Streek in Ede 35. In fact, Utrecht University is the most popular destination for Pantarijn pupils, followed by Hogeschool Utrecht, the HAN, Radboud University and the University of Amsterdam. Their ‘local’ university is ranked next. Incidentally, the information isn’t complete as the school was unknown for about 15 percent of the Dutch student.