News - February 2, 2011

Geef mijn portie maar aan Fikkie

It was a Night of Typical Dutch Food again offered by Gerard. After erwtensoep, boerenkoolstamppot, zuurvlees, now it's time for pannenkoeken!

Roles: Celine, Cato, Gerard, Fritz and Derek. Time: Dinner time at Fritz's home on a Thursday night.

A funny dinner of pannenkoeken
Kind Reminder: To read this blog, some of you might have to turn to Google Translate.

'Eet smakelijk!' Dinner started as usual after this routine 'password'. It was an absolute eye-opener to me; there were three dishes: plain pannenkoeken, bacon pannenkoeken, cheese pannenkoeken.
Derek: May I... ask a question? Where's the vegetable?
Gerard (with a grimace): Isn't it what you want? This is pannenkoeken? That's it, no vegi.
Celine: Lekker!
Cato: Helemaal goed!
Fritz: Gerard:... Heeeeerlijk!

Everyone payed him a compliment in a queue, except me, a pity Chinese busy in a fight against the knife and fork.

Derek: How can they roll it beautifully in a second? Miss my chopsticks so much...
Cato: No worry, Derek, let me teach you.

Thanks to Cato, finally I made a nice roll! Yahoo~~

Gerard: Hey Derek, good job! Typical Dutch pannenkoeken roll!
Fritz: Jaaaa...just another "MADE IN CHINA".
The whole room burst into laughing.

In the midst of the dinner, Gerard goes into the kitchen for something. A Dutch saying somehow came into my mind.
Derek: Hey, I learned a new Dutch words today, I guess it nice for joke. 'Geef mijn portie maar aan Fikkie.'
They burst out laughing.

Fritz: You can say it again behind Gerard's back.
Followed another burst of laughter. See, I did get the permission from the host before I used it.

Gerard: Hey, what's up? I heard some noise from you.
He was curious what the hell happened just now.

Derek (with a smile): Nothing.
One minute later...

Gerard: Derek, how do you like it?
Derek: To be honest?
Gerard: Sure. Go ahead.
Derek: Geef mijn portie maar aan Fikkie....

A laughter bomb exploded for the third time.
Gerard: You dare say that again?!

He glared at me then gave a speech of complaints:
'Last time, I cooked fish, you said 'smaakloos'! Now I make pannenkoeken, you say 'geef mijn portie maar aan Fikkie'?! No food for you next time!'

He had us belly laugh again. Gerard does have a talent on acting, he always brings us happiness. Did you watch the movie Kong fu Panda? He is exactly that panda in a true-man version. We all love him so much!
This was just two clips of the funny scenes at this dinner. No one worries about the fun and laughter running out at this table when we eat together. But this night was a bit funnier because so many jokes occurred at once. Maybe that's some magic from the pannenkoeken.
Gerard, thanks for your magic cooking every time, you are our hero!  

1. Thursday, 3 rd Feb is Chinese Lunar New Year. Wish all of you good luck in the coming year of the hare. 祝大家兔年大吉,新春快乐!^_^
2. A pannekoek (plural pannekoeken) or pannenkoek is a Dutch pancake. Pannekoeken are usually larger and thinner than American or Scottish pancakes. They may incorporate slices of bacon, apples, cheese, or raisins. Plain ones are often eaten with treacle (syrup made of sugar beets) or powdered sugar. Basic ingredients are flour (plain or self-rising), milk, salt, and eggs.
Video of the week:
Let's see how Dutch are obsessed with pannenkoeken, especially the children.