Organisatie - 16 april 2009


In Resource 23, Marco Hoffman writes about the lack of spring flowers on the campus. He thinks that it is a pity, even more so for our foreign students, that the new university buildings Forum and Atlas are surrounded by evergreen fields with almost no flowers in spring. The members of HappyJMA Wageningen totally agree!
That is why during a rainy November night, half a year ago, we planted a large number of tulip bulbs in front of the Forum building, in the shape of a peace symbol. At this moment, they have just started flowering! With this living piece of art, we want to make everyone who walks or bikes past, devote a thought to peace in its widest possible meaning.
Another living work of art has been placed in the lawn in front of the Administration Building (Costerweg) in the shape of a ‘HIER’ logo. ‘HIER’ is a large campaign devoted to better policies regarding climate change, organised by a large number of Dutch non-profit organisations. Due to the added complexity of the logo, this object has turned out less recognizable than the peace sign.
With these positive actions, we want to point out to the university - but also for example to some animal rights activists - that things can be done differently! Also, we hope to have made the campus look a little nicer.