Nieuws - 13 oktober 2010

Friesland Campina comes to campus

Friesland Campina will be moving into its new R&D centre on the Wageningen Campus in mid 2012. The dairy company will cluster 350 researchers in Wageningen, who will have an experimental factory and a sensory lab at their disposal.

The new building will be situated on a stretch of land south of Wageningen Campus, between Atlas and the hockey club. This land is about 15,000 square metres big or the size of three football fields. The new building will have space for 3300 square metres of laboratories, an experimental factory 1800 square metres big, an experimental bakery and rooms for tasting and other tests.
16 million
A major consideration in the development of the new building is sustainability. The building will have a warm-cum-cold storage facility; energy will be generated with solar panels by Friesland Campina. The new building is being developed by Hurks Property Developers in Eindhoven. Friesland Campina will lease the buildings and invest about 16 million euros into facilities for the R&D centre.
The dairy giant intends to bring its research into the heart of Food Valley, explained R&D director Toon van Hooijdonk earlier on in Resource. 'Through this collaboration with researchers and high tech companies, we can stay ahead of the field in terms of knowledge.'
Friesland Campina is the first company to be situated on the stretch of land reserved for knowledge intensive companies on the campus. A hundred of its researchers are now operating from the agribusiness park in Wageningen. These will also move to the campus.