Student - 25 juni 2015

'Four thousand teachers more in higher education'

Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau

There will be four thousand teachers more in colleges and universities. Also more attention should be paid to new forms of education. That would be in the plans secretary Bussemaker presents soon.

The news was leaked via de website ScienceGuide. The plans are part of the strategic agenda minister Bussemaker sends to the parliament beginning of July. According to her spokesperson the article is based on an old, non-final version of the agenda.

Last month already Bussemaker said in the tv-show Buitenhof that ‘there will be really a lot more teachers’ in higher education. ‘I am not talking about tens or hundreds, I am really talking about fundamental numbers.

Also the other plans are in line with expectations. There will be an experiment with ‘flex studying’,  in which students gain more influence on their schedule and study program and can also follow more distance education.

According to ScienceGuide there will be special ‘tenure tracks of teaching’,  so that a professor can specialize in teaching rather than research. Bussemaker also makes scholarships available for the educational innovations.