Nieuws - 29 september 2010

Forum evacuated in 13 minutes

An evacuation drill took place at the Forum this morning at eight minutes past eleven. Within thirteen minutes, about 3500 people were standing outside. The university gives the exercise its thumbs up.

Students and staff members are allowed into the Forum again. The green board has been put up last week to indicate where people should assemble in an evacuation.
The evacuation was an exercise for the in-house first-aid team (BHV). A fire was simulated on the eighth floor next to some alcohol. The evacuation was carried out smoothly on the whole, according to first-aid team members interviewed afterwards. Unfortunately, the door behind which the fire was had remained closed.
Initially, not everyone was willing to leave the building. For example, some students wanted to empty their lockers and get a cup of coffee first. Here and there, people had to queue in front of the emergency staircases. A woman sneaked back into the building to get her coat. Weren't there still two men working on the roof? It wasn't clear what happened.
The first-aid team also had difficulty getting the people outside to move further away from the building in order to keep the emergency exits clear. Although new signs have been put up last week on the campus to indicate where people should assemble in an evacuation, most people did not heed these signs. A quarter of an hour later, people were allowed back into the Forum.