Nieuws - 30 augustus 2007

Foreign students housed in holiday park

About seventy international students do not yet have a room in or near Wageningen. They are being temporarily housed in a holiday bungalow park near Zwolle, ninety kilometres away.

Student accommodation office Idealis reserves rooms for students from abroad each year, but there are too few to cover the increase in incoming students. For the first few weeks some of the students will therefore be housed in a Landal Greenpark near Zwolle, north of Wageningen. In mid-September the students will be able to move to holiday parks slightly closer to Wageningen. The university will provide a bus service a few times a day between the university campus and the bungalow parks. By November Idealis expects to have found rooms in Wageningen for all international students.

When it comes to Dutch students, Idealis does not expect there to be a serious accommodation shortage, despite the sharp rise in the number of Dutch first-year students. ‘We will try to have found all Dutch first-year students a room by May next year,’ said director Hans van Medenbach. Some of them will seek privately rented accommodation and others will live at home, said Van Medenbach. ‘Our waiting list is shorter than in other university towns.’

Many forget that a false sense of security has arisen over the last two years, said the director: ‘The university was attracting fewer students and we had enough capacity to house everyone immediately. But at the end of each year lots of accommodation was empty and because of our losses we were going to have to raise the rent.’ The demolition of the Rijnsteeg apartment building means that is no longer necessary, but the waiting list has got longer.